Signing Our Names – NASA

NASA’s iconic “worm” logo and ESA’s (European Space Agency) insignia are painted on the Orion spacecraft’s crew module adapter in this image from Feb. 1, 2024. The adapter houses electronic equipment for communications, power, and control, and includes an umbilical connector that bridges the electrical, data, and fluid systems between the main modules.

In October 2023, technicians joined the crew and service modules together. The crew module will house the four Artemis II astronauts as they journey around the Moon and back to Earth on an approximately 10-day trip. The spacecraft’s service module, provided by ESA, will supply the vehicle with electricity, propulsion, thermal control, air, and water in space.

See photos of the crew module adapter and the SLS (Space Launch System) solid rocket boosters, which were also recently adorned with the “worm” logo.

Image Credit: NASA/Rad Sinyak

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